Term Enrollment Reports

Term Enrollment reports are available through Argos at any point during the term and are considered a current snap shot of data. It's important to note that numbers will not be considered final until several weeks after the end of term. Once considered final there may always be the possibility for small fluctuations due to data corrections.

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Below are web links to term data with a subset of what is included within each report.

  • FTE (Total, Credit, Non-Credit and Reimbursable)
  • Heacount (Total, Credit and Non-Credit)
  • FTE by Credit Program(s)
  • FTE by Credit Program and Department
  • FTE by Non-Credit Subject(s)
  • FTE by Non-Credit Subject and Department
Student Characteristics 

  • Credit Headcount by Full-Time and Part-Time
  • Headcount by Degree Objective
  • Headcount of Dual Enrolled in OUS
  • Credit Headcount by Residency Status
  • Credit Headcount by Student Type
  • Credit Headcount by Major
  • Credit Headcount by Gender
  • Credit Headcount by Race and Ethnicity
  • Credit Headcount by Age

Term to Term Retention

  • Retention by Student Type
  • Retention by Major
  • Retention by Race and Ethnicity

  • Average Credit Attempted and Earned
  • Average Credits by Student Type
  • Average Credits by Race and Ethnicity
  • Students with 15 and 30 Credits

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