Equal Opportunity

General Policy and Procedure Statement

Central Oregon Community College has specific procedures designed to maintain an atmosphere free of discrimination and harassment and one that allows for free and effective communication between individuals. 

Community members, employees, students and applicants for admission or employment may have recourse to such procedures to address issues of harassment, discrimination and similar concerns.  Specific procedures exist to address complaints of discrimination, discriminatory harassment, sexual harassment and violation of rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Members of the college community who believe they have been subjected to discrimination, discriminatory harassment or sexual harassment are urged to contact the appropriate officer (see below for current contact information) of the college to facilitate resolution of such complaints.

There are both informal and formal complaint procedures. (Please see below for specific complaint procedures.) The informal procedure attempts to resolve the complaint through cooperative meetings with the parties involved.  Appropriate officers of the College may be contacted to provide assistance in the informal process and to advise complainants on options for filing their claims.  If the informal procedure fails to resolve the issue, the complainant has the option of filing a formal complaint and/or pursuing outside assistance.  It is not necessary to follow the informal procedure prior to filing a formal complaint, but the College encourages informal resolution whenever possible.

At any time during the process, complainants have a legal right to pursue their concern through outside channels. 

Retaliation against the complainant is expressly forbidden.  Sanctions will be applied to all violations of this rule.  

To report incidents of harassment, discrimination, and other concerns please contact one of the following offices:

Equal Opportunity Officer:

Dianne Capozzola, 383-7218, dcapozzola@cocc.edu

Title IX / Sexual Harassment Officer:

Dianne Capozzola, 383-7218, dcapozzola@cocc.edu

Human Resources Office: Phone 383-7216

Office of Student Life: Phone 383-7590

Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy 
(complete policy revised February 2001; adopted May 2001)

Specific Policies  

Equal Opportunity Policy

Central Oregon Community College has a continuing commitment to programs of equal opportunity and affirmative action to extend community services and educational, employment and promotional opportunities to all legally protected classes.   

Central Oregon Community College does not discriminate on the basis of age, disability, gender, marital status, national origin, color, race, religion, sexual orientation or veteran status.  The College complies with all federal legislation and civil rights laws of the State of Oregon.

Equal opportunity for employment, admission, and participation in the College's benefits and services shall be extended to all persons, and the College shall promote equal opportunity and treatment through a positive and continuing Equal Opportunity Policy.

 Unlawful discrimination by age, disability, gender, marital status, national origin, color, race, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status shall not exist in any area, activity or operation of the district. Read full Equal Opportunity Policy.

Non-Harassment Policy

The College's goal is to provide an atmosphere that encourages individuals to realize their potential.  Therefore, it is against the College's policy for any manager, supervisor, faculty, staff, or student to engage in harassment of any member of the College community based on his/her age, disability, gender, marital status, national origin, color, race, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status. Under the College policy, harassing behaviors will not be tolerated.  Therefore, it is the responsibility of every member of the College community to ensure that the policy is strictly enforced.  This includes notifying each employee/student of his/her rights and responsibilities under COCC's non-harassment policy.  Management staff is responsible for taking reasonable action to maintain work and educational environments free of conduct that causes or reasonably could be considered to cause intimidation or hostility.

Affirmative Action Policy

Community Colleges in Oregon are required to include an affirmative action policy as part of their overall personnel policies (OAR 581-043-0700). Central Oregon Community College is committed to the concepts and goals of affirmative action. It is therefore the policy of Central Oregon Community College to take affirmative action to recruit and to employ members of protected groups. Under Federal Executive Order 11246 as amended, protected minority groups are defined as American Indian or Alaskan Native, Asian or Pacific Islander, Black, and Hispanic individuals. Women are also designated as a protected group. The protected groups are those groups of persons who have historically been most disadvantaged by discriminatory practices formerly sanctioned by law. Affirmative employment efforts are also required for disabled veterans, veterans of the Vietnam era and for disabled persons.

Complaint/Concerns Procedures 
(revised Spring 2001; adopted June 2001)

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