Mable Jackson

Mable JacksonMable, Sundown and Merlin

For Mable Jackson and her sons, Sundown and Merlin, attending classes at COCC’s Madras Campus has become a joint mission.

Mable is working on a degree in addiction and counseling. “I would like to help others who struggle with overcoming their personal problems and addictions. I want to use my past to help show others it’s possible to move ahead in life.”

Sundown plans to earn degrees in automotive technology and welding. Merlin, a senior at Madras Senior High School, is taking a COCC welding class and plans to major in automotive technology after he graduates. Both Sundown and Merlin have a long-term goal of owning their own automotive businesses.

All three say they have had a positive experience at the COCC’s Madras Campus. “A lot of the staff knows about our pasts, but they never have treated us like criminals. They go above and beyond to help all the COCC students with smiles and respect,” says Mable.

According to Sundown, “The COCC staff is caring and supportive, which makes me feel welcomed and respected, which makes it easy to want to learn.”

Merlin adds that the staff is friendly and helpful: “They’ve made it easy for me to understand and go out of their way to make students feel comfortable.”

Mable and her sons also credit Native American program coordinator, Gina Rickets, for her help and concern. “Gina is an amazing woman. She involves students with all the events. Her smile and laugh help make things easier when you’re down. My boys love her!”

Mable offers this advice to others contemplating a change of direction: “No matter what type of past you have, if you want to live a positive, productive life, take a chance at COCC,” she advises. “The COCC team makes it easy to adjust to college, and they understand what it’s like to be new. I send a special thank you to them all.”


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