HHP Classes

Exercise Science
HHP 131 Intro to Exercise/Sport Science
HHP 259 Care and Prevention of Athletics Injury
HHP 260 Introduction to Human Movement
HHP 270 Sport and Exercise Psychology

Health Promotion
HHP 212A CPR-Health Care Professionals
HHP 231 Human Sexuality
HHP 242 Stress Management
HHP 248 Health Psychology
HHP 252A Fit/First Aid
HHP 252 First Aid
HHP 258 Holistic Wellness
HHP 266 Nutrition for Health
HHP 295 Health and Fitness for Life

Recreation Leadership Courses
HHP 253 Wilderness Advanced First Aid
HHP 255 Outdoor Living Skills
HHP 271 Facilitating Group Experiences
HHP 273 Outdoor Recreation Leadership
HHP 291 Lifeguard training
HHP 292 Water Safety Instructor
HHP 294RC Introduction to Guiding Rock Climbing

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