Grant-seeking Priorities

The College places a priority on grants that support the Mission, Vision and Themes of COCC. All grant activity should be tied back to these priorities. 

Mission: Central Oregon Community College promotes student success and community enrichment by providing quality, accessible, lifelong education opportunities.

Vision: To achieve student success and community enrichment, COCC fosters student completion of academic goals, prepares students for employment, assists regional employers and promotes equitable achievement for the diverse students and communities we serve.



Students will have the opportunity to be successful because the College has planned and invested appropriately to ensure high quality programs, services and facilities that support student learning and educational achievement.


Students will have the academic achievement and skills necessary to transfer and articulate successfully to institutions of higher learning beyond the community college level.


Students will be prepared for employment through the acquisition of knowledge and discipline-specific, employment skills necessary to meet current industry needs.


Students will have academic achievements and basic learning skills necessary to participate effectively as engaged community and family members, and employees, and to succeed at the college level.


Lifelong learning provides accessible, noncredit learning opportunities to our community in the areas of Enrichment, Professional Development, Technology and Wellness.

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The Executive Team of COCC has further refined the Grant Priorities to focus on the following for 2013-2014:

Student Success Initiatives examples

  • Automatically awarding certificates and degrees
  • First Year Experience (FYE)
  • Early deadlines regarding enrollment

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) examples

  • Non-destructive testing/inspection
  • Technology in Electronic Diagnosis and Testing (TED) Automotive degree
  • STEM focused greenhouse
  • Math re-design
  • MATC – Update equipment

Underserved student populations examples

  • Early College
  • Multicultural Activities
    • Proposed Native American students summer program (STRIVE)
    • Proposed Latino students summer program (modeled after STRIVE)

Campus Security

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