COCC Website and online systems to be down beginning Friday

In order to perform critical upgrades and maintenance of online systems, all COCC online systems will be shut down from Friday, Sept. 4 through Monday, Sept. 7. The College is closed during that time for the extended Labor Day weekend.
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The COCC Foundation publishes a newsletter twice a year filled with information about events, goals, and scholarship news.

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COCC Foundation Legacies Newsletter Newsletters 2015
  • Legacies Newsletter - Summer 2015 (pdf)
  • Legacies Newsletter - Winter 2015 (pdf)

Newsletters 2014
  •  Legacies Newsletter - Summer 2014 (pdf)
  • Legacies Newsletter - Winter 2014 (pdf)

Newsletters 2013
  • Legacies Newsletter - Winter 2013 (pdf)
  • Legacies Newsletter - Summer 2013 (pdf)  

Newsletters 2012 
  • Legacies Newsletter- Winter 2012 (pdf)
  • Legacies Newsletter- Summer 2012 (pdf)

Newsletters 2011 
  • Legacies Newsletter- Winter 2011 (pdf)
  • Legacies Newsletter- Summer 2011 (pdf)

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