Multicultural Mentoring Program

Course Objectives:  MMP provides an interactive, adventure-based experience for high school students of varying cultural heritages. During this course, participants will:

  1. Develop and articulate goals as individuals and as members of a team and mentoring community.

  2. Experience and articulate cultural heritage and explore positive ways to share the richness of their culture with others in the community.

  3. Develop an understanding for different styles of leadership and explore their personal leadership styles and qualities.

  4. Explore issues of personal responsibility and attitude.

  5. Recognize and explore strategies for diffusing conflict.

  6. Develop and practice oral communication skills.

  7. Enhance their writing skills.

  8. Become aware of issues and initiatives affecting the Latino community and explore strategies for addressing those issues.

  9. Gain an awareness of the benefits of post-secondary education and an understanding of how to apply and transition to higher education

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