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This page has links to many helpful videos and written instructions for faculty who use Blackboard. We currently are running Blackboard 9.1.

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Getting Started

Course Design and Management

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Tests & Surveys

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Grade Center

By default, a course shell in Blackboard is automatically populated with the student data as well as a Weighted Total and Total column. Additional columns are added to the Grade Center when tools such as the Assignment Tool and Tests/Surveys are used. For those items for which columns are not automatically added to the Grade Center, it is possible for an Instructor to add columns manually. The following tutorials outline those column types

Blackboard Collaborate

    • Log In to Blackboard:

      • Bb's login page is  
        • Click on the UserLogin button, on the left-hand side of the screen
        • In the UserName text box, enter your nine-digit COCC ID number.
        • In the Password text box type your password. (  look up your initial password)

Films & Videos in Bb

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