Liz Coleman

Dept(s): Mathematics
Office: Grandview Hall 214
Phone: 541-383-7414 x7414
Fax: 541-330-4353

Fall 2014

"Office" hours: ( held in the class rooms I teach in)      

Note, room change: 7:30am Calc will be meeting in GRV 107 instead of GRV 110, the classes are across the hall from each other.

MWF 9:10 to 9:40 in GRV 107;     MWF 12:55 to 1:25 in HCC 230;   TuTh  9:am to 10:am in MET 208;  

I may be found in my office – GRV 214 - when I’m not teaching or in “office” hours, please feel free to call or drop in.

Classes I am teaching, time and location: 

Course Number  CRN/Name  Meeting Time/Days Credits
Meeting Place
MTH 111  41914 College Algebra   7:30am-9:15 TuTh
MET 208
MTH 251  40259 Calculus I  07:30am-09:10 MWF 4.00 GRV 107
MTH 251  40657 Calculus I  01:25pm-03:05 MWF 4.00  HCC 230   

ADVISING HOURS: call or email me to schedule an appointment

See the following links for more information such as syllabi and handouts for the particular course:

Math 111

Math 251 

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Useful MATH HELP websites:

The COCC Math Club Website: Math LOCO


On "FAILURE":  First Attempt In Learning

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