Diversity Award Recipients

"I believe the most important single thing, beyond discipline and creativity, is daring to dare."
~ Maya Angelou

This award seeks to recognize those faculty, staff, and students who make valuable contributions to our campus community in a way that supports and fosters a respectful and inclusive multicultural environment. Learn more about the Diversity Achievement Award.

Diversity Achievement Award 2014 Recipients

Karen Roth and Teryl YoungTeryl Young  

As one of Teryl’s nominators wrote, “Teryl is one of those students who is always working to make COCC a more understanding place that is open to diversity.”  He is an active member of the African Heritage Student Union and for the past two years has organized an event to educate the campus about the contributions of Black inventors and the discrimination that that the African American community has faced.  Included in the event this past February was information on the history of voting discrimination.  These events take a great deal of time to coordinate, research the information that will be presented, and then provide the materials for participants to view.  This past year, the event offered several multi-media pieces in a museum style presentation to engage those who attended.  Last fall, Teryl served as a panelist for a session during the Staff Fall Retreat to share the experiences of students of color on our campus.   In addition, in April, Teryl partnered with Donal Hardin to present one of our campus conversations for the series, Can We Talk About Race and Other Differences?  

Safe Zone Training Team:  Carolyn Esky, Jim Foster, Owen Murphy, Chris Rubio, Jessie Russell, Emily Smith and Taran Smith

The Safe Zone program began in spring 2012 as a project of the Diversity Committee.  Its purpose is to provide safe places on campus for members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community to seek information, resources, and support.  The Safe Zone training team attended more than 15 hours of training to learn how to implement and facilitate a Safe Zone workshop.  The first Safe Zone workshops were offered in late spring 2012 and since that time, this team has offered 15 workshops to over 150 students, staff, faculty and community members.  Since each workshop is at least 6 hours long and is usually presented by a team of three, that’s over  270 hours of volunteer time from this group, not including the preparation time for the workshops.

The Safe Zone Trainer Team’s nominators wrote:

“These facilitators volunteer their time to serve as resources and advocates for the LGBTQ community on our campus and in our community.  They are helping to create a greater atmosphere of respect, understanding, and inclusion of all individuals on campus through their training.  The skills taught and demonstrated by this team are changing the culture at COCC and OSU-Cascades for the better.  These are skills that are not only applicable in the workplace, but in our community.”

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