Deans and Directors Committee

Deans and Directors was created when the Executive Team expanded the Managers group to include all administrators at the Director level and higher. The Team envisioned that the committee would create better lines of communication, provide feedback, plan and implement initiatives.  [Summarized from September 29, 2005 email invitation from Dr. Jim Middleton.]

Current Chair: David Bilyeu 541-383-7563

    Ground Rules  

·      Keep an open mind.

·      Give freely of your experience.

·      One speaker at a time - do not interrupt.

·      Help us stay on track.

·      Everyone participates - no one dominates.

·      No rank in the room.

·      Be an active/objective listener.

·      Maintain "view of the whole".

·      Have fun.


3:00-3:10      Refreshments and social time to transition to our meeting.

3:10-3:30     Updates 3-5 minutes. If possible, provide a short white paper report, essentially a summary or outline.

3:30-4:20     Facilitated Discussion on a selected topic.

4:20-4:30     Housekeeping: Suggested areas for updates and next key topic options.

September 5, 2012 Meeting 

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