Curriculum Forms and Documents

Submissions due Dec 18th for changes including a new degree or certificate, January 23, 2014 for all other changes.

For Course Changes:

      New Course Approval Form Must be completed for new courses 


For Program Changes:

 *For broad changes affecting multiple courses (4 or more) or programs, in addition to the required documents above, it's helpful to submit a summary memo and/or table or spreadsheet explaining the rational and order of changes.  For example:  a table would show AUT 101 increasing credits from 3 to 4 and changing the title

*For changes affecting at least 30% of a certificate/degree program (credits) or with impact on another program, a Significant Program Change Form will need to be submitted and approval received from the Vice President for Instruction prior to review by the Curriculum Committee.  (This form and process are under review, however it contains good information for planning for a significant change--please contact the Curriculum Coordinator).  A significant change must start early in the fall cycle to make it into the following course catalog.

For New Programs or Certificates:

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