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The A B C's & D's of Medicare  - Cost FREE
Medicare is a critically important source of health insurance for 44 million Americans. You need in-depth information on the often confusing process of the Medicare system to make informed choices with your own or a loved one’s health insurance. For most of us -- whether we're on Medicare or not -- decisions about health insurance are often difficult because they affect the kind of care we get and our financial security. Be informed so you can make the best decisions.  
Emily Carrick                  5:30pm-7:00 Tu                 27494
4/14                                Redmond RDM3 306                                            

Emily Carrick                  5:30pm-7:00 Tu                 27495
5/19                                Bend CHLAB 301                                        

Emily Carrick                  2:00pm-3:30 Th                 27646
6/11                                Bend CHLAB 301               

Making the Most of Your Social Security - Cost FREE
Learn what you need to know before it's too late to make the most of your Social Security! Most Americans pay into Social Security for the majority of their lives. How much do you really know about the economic protection that Social Security is intended to provide and how do you make the most of the benefits of your Social Security? Find out in this free class.
Erik Tobiason                     5:30pm-7:30 W                  27656
4/22                                   Bend BEC 154                                            

Erik Tobiason                     5:30pm-7:30 W                  27657
5/27                                   Redmond RDM3 309          

5 Years to Retirement
The last few years before retirement can really fly by. Develop a game plan with action steps and timelines for a successful retirement. Learn investment planning techniques and risk avoidance strategies. Walk away knowing how to define your retirement lifestyle, understand your income needs and create your own personal retirement checklist.
Erik Tobiason                     5:30pm-7:30 TuTh            27641
4/28 to 4/30                       Redmond RTEC 127         Cost $49                          

Erik Tobiason                     5:30pm-7:30 TuTh            27642
5/19 to 5/21                       Bend MAZ 220                   Cost $49           

Your Money & Your Brain: Avoid Investment Pitfalls
In making investment decisions, human beings have a number of hard-wired tendencies to fool, confuse, and defeat ourselves. Explore some of the key tendencies and how you can equip yourself to resist or counteract them. Discuss a handful of research-proven principles that can guide you to reliable and successful investing.
John Rhetts        6:00pm-8:00 W                  27754
4/8 to 4/29          Bend MAZ 224                   Cost $79       

You Can be a Stock Market Genius I
Jesse Felder worked at the largest firm on Wall Street, co-founded a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund and has been managing investment portfolios in Bend for over a decade. In this class, he will help you discover just how simple it is to take control of your investment portfolio and effectively manage it for long term profits. We will examine stock market geniuses like Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, John Templeton and Jack Bogle to distill the secrets of investing success into concepts available to anyone, beginning investor and seasoned trader alike. 
Jesse Felder       6:00pm-8:00 M                  27543
4/13 to 5/4          Bend MAZ 220                   Cost $79                        
Create Your Personal Retirement Analysis

Through rare access to the #1 financial planning software in the industry, create a comprehensive personal retirement analysis. Learn critical concepts to help maximize your retirement dollars through income distribution and tax strategies, while clarifying the path you are on. Taught by a Certified Financial Planner™, this class is designed to benefit those within a few years of retirement or already retired. If registering with your spouse, spouse's fee is $25. Couples are encouraged to attend together if possible. 
Chad Staskal       6:30pm-8:30 M                  27564
4/20 to 5/4          COCC LIB 221                      Cost $75                               
NOTE: Class on 4/27 will be held in LIB 117 from 6:30pm-9:00      

Chad Staskal       6:30pm-8:30 M                  27710
6/1 to 6/15          COCC LIB 221                      Cost $75                               
NOTE: Class on 6/8 will be held in LIB 117 from 6:30pm-9:00      

Navigating Your Horizons
Planning for retirement certainly should involve financial planning, but what about a plan for how you will spend your time? Tasks and projects you've put off doing around the house will take some of your time, but will it provide you with satisfaction, purpose and meaning? Become the captain of your own destination by joining this six-week course to explore your passion and purpose, plot your course to achieve your dreams and goals and sail to your desired future. Don't let the currents carry you wherever they may. Position yourself for a satisfying retirement that fits your true life plan. Navigating your Horizons is COCC's comprehensive intentional life planning class. For more information, visit the Compass Points webpage
Leslie Koc            5:30pm-8:00 W                  27496
4/29 to 6/3          COCC LIB 221                    Cost $129           

Shutting Down the Bank of Mom & Dad
We all want our children to be successful in life. Part of being successful is being financially self-sufficient. Talking about money is never easy. The goal of this class is to help parents allow their children to develop into financially independent adults. The objective is to help parents and children collaborate and establish a plan (and timeline) for the child's financial independence. Instructor is a former Director of Consumer Credit Counseling.
Terri Rahmsdorff              6:00pm-9:00 W                  27550
4/29                                 Bend BEC 154                     Cost $39              

Estate Planning
How can you ensure your wishes are carried out when you're gone? Find out why living trusts are essential regardless of wealth. This overview of estate planning addresses probate, estate and capital gains taxes, health and long-term care planning, and legal and financial options. Your instructor is a local attorney who specializes in estate planning.
Melissa Lande                    1:00pm-4:00 W                  27741
5/6                                      Bend BEC 154                   Cost $69                              

James Van Voorhees          9:00am-12:30 Sa               27776
5/16                                    Prineville PRI 111              Cost $69              






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