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Summer & Fall 2014 Classes
To register, click on class title or call (541) 383-7270.

Computer Essentials I
Join the computer world. Come get comfortable with using the mouse, exploring the Internet, storing files and much more. This class is for absolute beginners.
Robert Horning                      9:00am-noon F                  48586
10/10 to 10/17                        Redmond RDM1 114
Cost $75                 

Lars Cousineau                     9:00am-noon MW              48705
11/3 to 11/5                            Bend CHLAB 207
Cost $75                 


Computer Essentials II
Continue getting comfortable with the computer by exploring the Start menu, Windows accessories, and creating and filing documents. Prerequisite: Minimal keyboarding skills & mouse familiarity. A good follow-up class would be Clean Up & Speed Up Your PC.
Lars Cousineau                       9:00am-noon MWF           48491
9/29 to 10/3                             Bend CHLAB 207
Cost $89

Robert Horning                         6:00pm-9:00 TuTh            48585
10/28 to 11/4                             Redmond RDM1 128
Cost $89

Lars Cousineau                        9:00am-noon MWF          48588
11/10 to 11/14                           Bend CHLAB 207
Cost $89.00

Get More From Your Android Smartphone
Have an Android-type smartphone? Thinking about getting one? Come learn about how to get the most from the computer in your pocket. Bring your phone to class or just come to watch.
Patti Norris                         9:00am-4:00 F                    35983
8/8                                     Bend CHLAB 301
Cost $75

Patti Norris                         6:00pm-9:00 M                    48703
9/29 to 10/6                         Bend CHLAB MOBLAB
Cost $75

Patti Norris                          9:00am-4:00 F                    48704
10/24                                  Bend CHLAB MOBLAB
Cost $75

Clean Up & Speed Up Your PC
Computer running slow? Think you need a technician? Think again! Take this hands-on class to learn how to clean up, troubleshoot and diagnose software and security problems that slow down or may even damage your computer. A good follow-up class is Clean Up & Speed Up Your PC II.
Lars Cousineau                 9:00am-4:00 Sa                     35950
8/9                                    Bend BEC 156
Cost $69

Lars Cousineau                  9:00am-noon TuTh                48495
10/7 to 10/9                        Bend CHLAB 207
Cost $75

Lars Cousineau                  9:00am-4:00 Sa                    48496
11/1                                   Bend BEC 156
Cost $75

Lars Cousineau                   9:00am-4:00 F                     48497
11/21                                  Redmond RDM1 114
Cost $75

Clean Up & Speed Up Your PC II
Take your computer repair skills to the next level. Learn how hardware affects computer performance, how to upgrade RAM and hard drives, advanced management software tools built into the Windows operating system and about third party software tools that can keep your computer running smoothly. Don't be intimidated any more by terms like BIOS and firmware updates, device drivers and MSConfig.
Miles Wilhelm                     6:00pm-9:00 Tu                   48607
10/28 to 11/4                        Bend CHLAB 207
Cost $75


Make Money Buying and Selling on eBay
Everyone has heard of eBay, but not everyone knows how to list appealing auction ads that result in actual sales. You can make money, get rid of your stuff and ensure successful transactions.
Lars Cousineau                   9:00am-4:00 W                   35952
8/20                                   Bend BEC 156
Cost $75

Lars Cousineau                   9:00am-4:00 Th                   48499
10/16                                  Bend BEC 156
Cost $79

Lars Cousineau                    9:00am-4:00 F                    48500
11/7                                     Redmond RDM1 114
Cost $79

Windows 8.1 Essentials
Come get a handle on how Microsoft has improved Windows 8 with the release of Windows 8.1. Get an understanding of how to make the most of this newest of operating system. Bring your laptop with Windows 8.1 installed.
Kyle Anderson                      5:30pm-8:30 TuTh                 35985
7/29 to 7/31                           Bend CHLAB 301
Cost $65

Kyle Anderson                      6:00pm-9:00 MW                  48583
9/29 to 10/1                           Redmond RDM1 108
Cost $75

Kyle Anderson                      6:00pm-9:00 MW                  48721
10/6 to 10/8                          Bend COCC LIB 221
Cost $75

Kyle Anderson                      9:00am-4:00 Sa                    48584
10/18                                    Madras MDR 115
Cost $75

Jamie Wood                          9:00am-4:00 Sa                   48602
10/25                                    Prineville PRI 112
Cost $75

Kyle Anderson                      9:00am-4:00 Sa                    48580
11/8                                      Bend BEC BDRM
Cost $75

Managing Your Digital Photo Collection
Organize, edit and share photos from your digital camera. Master a few easy photo management tools in Windows so you can stop stressing and start enjoying your photos.
Lars Cousineau                  1:00pm-4:00 MW                  48493
9/29 to 10/1                         Bend BEC 156
Cost $75

Lars Cousineau                   6:00pm-9:00 M                     48494
10/27 to 11/3                       Bend BEC 156
Cost $75

Computer Essentials for the Workplace
Working in an office with technology can be demanding. Come get the essentials you need to feel comfortable with the different kinds of technology you will encounter and the basic software packages.
Annette Witzel                    6:00pm-9:00 TuTh                 36053
9/9 to 9/11                           Bend CHLAB 207
Cost $69


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