Massage Therapy Continuing Education

Massage Therapy CE

Massage Therapy Continuing Education classes are offered in conjunction with the COCC Massage Therapy Certificate Program. These in-depth, high quality classes will not only satisfy your continuing education requirements for your Massage License but will also allow you to add depth and value to your practice and bring new skills to your clients. Required textbooks can be purchased via the COCC Bookstore or online.

To register, click on class title or call (541)383-7270.

NEW! Integrative Brain Dance
The practice of fundamental neurodevelopmental movement patterns support whole brain function, cognitive, neuro-motor and psycho-social development. You will learn fluid, brain-based developmental movement sequences that enrich soma and psyche and underlie all movement expression. Take this opportunity to strengthen neural pathways, develop your kinesthetic intelligence, and become a more coordinated, dynamic mover. These practices are gentle, fun and especially helpful for individuals with learning disabilities, attention deficit issues and coordination challenges. Beginners welcome. Wear comfortable clothing in layers, bring a journal and water bottle. (6 contact hours, CEU’s included) Excellent for massage therapists,yoga teachers, clinical movement practitioners, dancers, Pilates instructors and anyone who wants to give their brain a workout. Instructor is an RN, LMT and a yoga teacher with a MFA in Dance.
Joanna Cashman              10:00am-5:00 Su               36017
6/22                                 Bend MAZ STDO             Cost $65       


NEW! Spirit of Massage
The Spirit of Massage will explore a holistic view of massage and facilitate a self-awareness of one’s personal connection to the massage therapy session and client goals. The purpose of this course is to explore the spirit within, to look inward deeply and develop a greater understanding of who we are and who we may become as we do the work of massage. It is designed to develop our natural sense of curiosity and compassion with a dose of humor along the way. It provides the students with a safe environment and a tool kit they can tap as they develop as therapists and as they grow in life. We explore many ways of connecting with and defining spirit and intention. Each student is encouraged to pursue their unique personal path. Prior education and an understanding of basic massage techniques required. (20 contact hours, CEUs included). See the COCC web site for required texts. Must have your registration receipt to purchase texts from the COCC bookstore. 
Jan Locke                               Bend HCC 160                    27267
4/25                                       2:00pm-5:30 F    
4/26                                       9:00am-2:30 Sa                   Cost $119

Massage for People Living with Cancer
A Basic Training Course for Massage Practitioners and Students, Body Workers, and Other Professional Touch Therapists. Comfort-oriented massage or touch can be administered to people with cancer regardless of the severity of their condition. The purpose of this class is to train touch therapists in the basics of oncology massage. The experience derived from this training will create newfound confidence in body workers about working with clients, particularly private practice clients, who have cancer or are recovering from it. Therapists who focus on hospice and hospital work will also find this course to be valuable for their special needs patients. Significant time is devoted to hands-on practice with the culminating activity to give a relaxation massage to someone with cancer or a history of cancer. Enrollment Requirement: The course is open to licensed, certified, or professional massage therapists; massage students enrolled in a professional training program who have completed Swedish Massage I or the equivalent; body workers certified in other non-invasive, gentle modalities; or other therapists by permission of the instructor. Advance Reading; because each minute of time in class is precious, some advance reading is required from Medicine Hands: Massage for People Living with Cancer, 2nd Ed. (2007, Findhorn Press). Book is included in the cost of the class. Book is available for pickup after paid registration completed. The following sections should be read before attending class: All of Chapter 4: Inching Forward: The Need to be Less Demanding; All of Chapter 5: First Do No Harm: Adjusting for Common Side Effects of Cancer Treatment. Registration/refund deadline Friday, April 4, 2014. 
Gayle MacDonald            9:00am-6:00 FSaSu          27016
5/2 to 5/4                        Bend HCC 170                 Cost $455

Japanese Facial Massage
Create beauty that is more than just skin deep. Vibrant skin can be achieved by improving blood flow, moving lymph and flushing toxins while supplying facial tissue with much needed oxygen and nutrients. The smooth heated stones are used specifically to massage and stimulate muscles beneath the skin helping to reduce wrinkles and create radiant skin. Learn deeply relaxing and rejuvenating techniques to improve facial tone and appearance. Prior education and an understanding of basic massage techniques required. (20 contact hours, CEUs included). See the COCC web site for required texts. Must have your registration receipt to purchase texts from the COCC bookstore. 
Jessica Layton                    noon-5:05 Th                27193
5/8 to 6/5                            Bend HCC 160             Cost $225            


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