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Massage Therapy Continuing Education classes are offered in conjunction with the COCC Massage Therapy Certificate Program. These in-depth, high quality classes will not only satisfy your continuing education requirements for your Massage License but will also allow you to add depth and value to your practice and bring new skills to your clients. Required textbooks can be purchased via the COCC Bookstore or online.

To register, click on class title or call (541) 383-7270 

Aromatherapy Level 2
Advanced exploration of the essential oils examined in Aromatherapy I and how to utilize them in a massage therapy session. Prior aromatherapy education and an understanding of basic massage techniques required. (20 contact hours, CEUs included). Instructor is Elyse Williams. Check COCC Bookstore for any required text.
Elyse Williams       Bend HCC 170                   27811
4/2 to 6/12            12;15pm-1:55 F                Cost $119

Introduction to Abdominal Massage
For LMT's who want to gain confidence including abdominal massage in their bodywork and offer clients additional benefits from massage. You will learn internal organ anatomy, function, and differentiation. Explore how to approach the most vulnerable part of the body with assurance and sensitivity. You'll leave class having learned a 10 minute sequence with oil that can be incorporated into any full-body massage. Abdominal massage offers many benefits including improvement of digestion and elimination, promotion of detox and cleansing, assistance in toning the belly, and support for healing chronic health issues like low-back pain, headaches, and structural misalignments. Lunch break from 1 pm-2.
Mali Jarvis           10:00am-5:00 Su               27678
4/26                     Bend HCC 170                  Cost $125 

Japanese Facial Massage
Create beauty that is more than just skin deep. Vibrant skin can be achieved by improving blood flow, moving lymph and flushing toxins while supplying facial tissue with much needed oxygen and nutrients. The smooth heated stones are used specifically to massage and stimulate muscles beneath the skin helping to reduce wrinkles and create radiant skin. Learn deeply relaxing and rejuvenating techniques to improve facial tone and appearance. Prior education and an understanding of basic massage techniques required (25 contact hours, CEUs included). Check COCC Bookstore for any required texts.
Jessica Layton       Bend HCC 160                 27815
5/4 to 6/1               noon-5:05 M                     Cost $129 

Bowenwork® Certification Course Module 1
Bowenwork provides a powerful healing tool with which to expand evolving practices and helping others. Bowenwork is practiced throughout the world in traditional and non-traditional healthcare settings, sports facilities, corporate offices, senior centers, and anywhere health and wellness are valued. Basic Bowenwork certification training consists of 7 modules of the international teaching system of the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia, of which Laura Magpali is a registered instructor and certified master practitioner. Each module consists of a 2-day class (16 CEU's OBMT & NCTMB). An average of a month must pass between modules, as practice is essential to learning the work as you progress through the modules. In Module 1, learn procedures to address low back issues, upper body concerns, neck pain, and conditions including stress, anxiety, & headaches. Course includes theory, demonstration, supervised hands-on practice, question time, and review. You will also learn assessment techniques and exercises to help resolve a majority of conditions. Detailed manual with photographs and anatomy drawings, additional anatomy illustrations, numerous hand-outs and masters are provided. Bring a check for $75 for the American Bowen Academy annual registration fee to class. 
Laura Magpali        Bend HCC 170           27660
5/16                       8:45am-6:00 Sa  
5/17                       9:00am-6:00 Su         Cost $395   

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