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Summer & Fall 2014 Classes
To register, click on class title or call (541) 383-7270.

Get More Out of Your iPad
Now that you have your new iPad, get some help figuring out its many features. Set it up the way you want it for business and beyond, add email accounts, take control of your office computer, sync programs and documents, work with video and more. Bring your own iPad to class and please have your iOS up-to-date. 
Matthew Hand                  6:00pm-9:00 M                      48754
11/3 to 11/10                     Bend BEC 154
Cost $69

Get More From Your iPhone
Have an iPhone? Come get tips and a better understanding about this smallest of computers that can organize and change your life. Bring your own iPhone to class.
Andrew Gorman                6:00pm-9:00 TuTh                  48771
9/30 to 10/2                      Bend CHLAB MOBLAB
Cost $69

Andrew Gorman                 9:00am-noon M                    48772
11/3 to 11/10                      Bend BEC 154
Cost $69

Macintosh Basics
Get comfortable operating your Macintosh personal computer. Learn to use the Mac operating system and related software interfaces, how to create and manage folders and how to access the Internet through the Safari Browser.
Susan Galecki                    6:00pm-9:00 M                    48770
10/13 to 10/20                     Bend CHLAB MOBLAB
Cost $69

Scott Andrews                    1:00pm-4:00 TuTh                48769
10/21 to 10/23                      Redmond RTEC 135
Cost $69

iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie
Make the most of your Mac. Select your favorite music and organize songs and tunes to fit your mood. Save and share your special photos and even create a short movie to help everyone remember fun times.
Annette Witzel                   1:00pm-3:00 MWF                48724
10/20 to 10/24                     Redmond RTEC 135
Cost $75

Macintosh Beyond the Basics
Take your use of the Mac to the next level by gaining an understanding of the more advanced functions. Customize your Mac, access email from anywhere and learn to keep your Mac up-to-date, plus many other tips and tricks. 
Annette Witzel                     6:00pm-9:00 MW                36034
8/4 to 8/6                              Bend CHLAB Mobile Lab
Cost $69

Annette Witzel                     1:00pm-4:00 MW                48591
10/6 to 10/8                          Redmond RTEC 135
Cost $69

Scott Andrews                      1:00pm-4:00 MW               48768
11/3 to 11/5                           Redmond RTEC 135
Cost $69

Macintosh Troubleshooting
This class is for Macintosh users who are interested in learning how to solve and prevent problems that Mac users encounter. The class covers basic Mac troubleshooting (hardware, network and OS), backup and data recovery, and other topics that will give students some in-depth knowledge of their computers. Students will create their own diagnostic startup disk, which they can keep for their own use. Students must be familiar with System Preferences, Finder preferences, navigating the Finder, launching and quitting applications, and working with files and folders. Students must bring a 16GB or larger Class 10 SD card to class.
Abbott Schindler                    10:00am-noon TuTh             48611
12/2 to 12/11                           Redmond RTEC 135
Cost $99

NEW! Maverick Upgrade on Macs
This two part class will introduce students to the new Mac OS X Mavericks upgrade. Learn how to make the most of your Mac by uncovering hidden functionalities, streamlining workflow, accessibility options, using dictation, integrating notifications and reminders, improved navigation functions for the desktop and finder, and sharing documents and other files in various ways.
Michael Catanachapodaca       9:00am-noon TuTh              48624
9/30 to 10/2                             Redmond RTEC 135
Cost $79

Michael Catanachapodaca      1:00pm-4:00 TuTh                48623
11/4 to 11/6                             Redmond RTEC 135
Cost $79

NEW! Mac Data Protection Basics
Many people depend on their computers to store important information - and to reliably retreive that information when requested. Unfortunately there are many things that can cause your data to be corrupted or totally lost. Because of this, wise users implement a backup strategy. This brief class covers the basics of protecting your valued data, including how to use the Macs built-in software, other products, and the hardware and methodology you can use to implement a comprehensive data protection and recovery plan.
Abbott Schindler                   9:00am-noon   Th                  35960
8/14                                     Bend CHLAB 301
Cost $69

Abbott Schindler                    6:00pm-9:00 M                     48626
11/24                                     Redmond RTEC 135
Cost $69

Abbott Schindler                    9:00am-noon Sa                   48590
12/13                                     Redmond RTEC 135
Cost $69

Photoshop, Beginning for Macs

Transform ordinary photographs into extraordinary pictures with Photoshop CS6, the industry standard for manipulating digital photographs for web production and for print. Hands-on exercises will give you a solid understanding of the basic tools and concepts such as layer manipulation and effects. Prerequisite: Working knowledge of Macintosh.
Peter Chadwell                     6:00pm-9:00 Tu                     36035
7/29 to 8/5                            Bend CHLAB 207
Cost $79

Michael Catanachapodaca     6:00pm-9:00 Th / 9:00am-4:00 Sa      48601
10/16 to 10/18                       Redmond RTEC 135
Cost $99

iPhone Photography Basics
Have an iPhone? Discover what is involved with taking a great picture with your phone. The class includes: how to use the camera more effectively, basic composition, editing images, and other apps that add features and benefits.
Timothy Park                        6:00pm-9:00 W                      48718
10/1                                      Redmond RTEC 124
Cost $59

Timothy Park                         6:00pm-9:00 M                     48720
10/27                                     Bend CCB 116A
Cost $59

iCloud for Business
Come find out what the cloud is all about. Never regret leaving those files you need on your computer again as you will learn how to access them from anywhere. This class takes you into iCloud with all its possibilities, promises, and facility in usage.
Annette Witzel                     9:00am-noon F                       48741
11/21                                   Redmond RTEC 135
Cost $49

Getting Started with Aperture 3
Are you a Macintosh user who wants to take your photo management and editing capabilities to higher levels? Learn about Aperture 3—a powerful, professional-level application that's a natural step above iPhoto. Its capabilities include image management, nondestructive editing, printed output and sharing through social networks.
Abbott Schindler                   1:00pm-4:00 MWF                 48719
11/17 to 11/21                        Redmond RTEC 135
Cost $85.00



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