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Unmanned Aerial Systems for the Novice
Interested in learning about unmanned aerial systems (UAS)? Join an expert in the field as he covers the controversies and the role of UAS in society. Explore the ethics, rules and regulations needed to fly safely and within the law. The fundamentals of unmanned flight and proper maintenance of unmanned aerial systems will also be discussed.
Kevin Sivertson                    6:00pm-9:00 M                    18168
2/2 to 2/9                            Bend CHLAB 207                 Cost $89    

NEW! Understanding Dreams & Symbols
What do your wacky dreams mean? In this enlightening class, you'll learn the theory and practice of dream analysis. Your guide on this exploration is experienced workshop facilitator, Michael Hoffman, LCSW. Michael specializes in providing dynamic and engaging classes that allow you to learn how to better remember and interpret your dreams. This Jungian exploration of dreams allows you to tap into your unconscious wishes and to begin to understand the messages that can lead you toward self-realization.
Michael Hoffman                       5:30pm-7:30 Th                   18249
2/5 to 3/5                                 Bend HCC 190                    Cost $69      

Words Away! Writing Down the Baja
Beat the Winter Blahs at Writing Down the Baja, Posada Serendipity. Emerging writers - come celebrate the sixth year of Writing Ranch retreats held in the pueblo magico of Todos Santos and give yourself the gift of time to focus on your own writing, inspired by the wind in the palms and crash of the waves. The week will include daily group creative writing sessions, one-on-ones, evening critique sessions, guest author presenters and a concluding public reading in Todos Santos. Optional afternoon excursions will reveal why Todos Santos has long been a source of inspiration to a wide range of artists. The fee for the one-week retreat includes lodging, all meals, except two dinners, and a published chapbook of the group’s work. Participants are responsible for their own airfare and ground transportation. Reservations and a non-refundable deposit of $500 are due by December 10, 2014. Limited to 15 participants (double occupancy - additional $437 charge for a single room). Ten people must register for the workshop to commence. 
Ellen Waterston                  MTuWThFSaSu                 17935
2/22 to 3/1                          Bend OTHER                     Cost $1559
NEW! Touch Drawing

Touch Drawing is a unique technique; no artistic skills or talents are needed as this is not a sketch class or a crafty art form. Your instructor, a trained facilitator by The Center for Touch Drawing, will be holding space for you to experience Touch Drawing as a sacred act enhanced by meditation, sacred music and movement. Deborah Koff-Chapin, creator of Touch Drawing describes the experience in this way: "As the body is given permission to speak through the movement of the fingers on paper, its wisdom begins to guide the process. Emotions are released and transformed. In allowing the mystery beyond personal knowing to guide the way, it is possible to use Touch Drawing to open the way for the emergence of the deeper Self beyond emotion and form. The simplest of art forms, Touch Drawing is a creative practice that can open the door to the universal soul." For more information visit www.touchdrawing.com. Bring $10 payable to your instructor for supplies. Bring a packed lunch. More details about what to bring to class will be emailed prior to class.            
Darlene Gertsch                     10:00am-4:00 Sa                  17982
3/21                                       Bend BEC 152                     Cost $49                                          

Sky to Dirt: Visionary Strategic Planning
Sky to Dirt (S2D) is an innovative, strengths-based model in visionary and strategic planning and creative problem solving. It offers a holistic and creative alternative to traditional, mechanistic and linear strategic planning models that often encourage compartmentalization of information. S2D as a process, skill and art form incorporates guided visualization, engages both the right and left-brain and uses inner wisdom, intuition and emotions. S2D's beauty, simplicity, and depth can be applied to any situation and empowers you to be simultaneously visionary and empirical. Bring the following to class: a pen, journal or notebook, refillable water bottle and refillable hot beverage cup, cushion and/or blanket. Some cushions and chairs will be available. Water and tea available at class. Meets at Sol Alchemy, 568 NE Savannah Drive #2. 
Breyn Hibbs                            noon-4:00 Su                      18091
3/22                                       Bend OTHER                       Cost $49    

Pet Partner Team Training
Central Oregon needs trained and qualified pet therapy teams. This workshop will provide you with the skills needed to visit safely with your animal in hospitals, nursing homes, classrooms and other facilities. Also covered are the requirements to pass the Pet Partner Team evaluation. Your instructor will cover the following topics: how to tell if both you and your animal are a good fit for Pet Partners, how to prepare yourself and your animal for visits, special needs of specific client groups, facility health and safety codes, and patient confidentiality. This class is for the human end of the leash. Do not bring your dog to class.
Selina Witt                               9:00am-5:00 Sa                  27501
4/18                                         St. Charles Med. Ctr.          Cost $125                              

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