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To register, call (541) 383-7270 or click on class title (requires Adobe Flash).

Equine Facilitated Learning
Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) is an innovative and respected technique in the realm of personal and professional development. In these unique and effective classes, you will work outside on the ground (no riding) with horses to explore your own skills with non-verbal communication, empathy and listening, body awareness, boundaries, confidence and leadership. Horses provide in-the-moment feedback about leadership and communication skills. Learn how horses communicate, organize themselves as a community and relate to us. Activities individually and in small groups include leading the horse, working together to achieve a goal with the horse, grooming and observation. Workshop results are unique to the participants and their goals. Wear closed toe leather shoes and wear layers. All EFL classes meet at 64295 Schibel Rd. Class held weather permitting. Will be rescheduled in the event of inclement weather. Liability form required.

Choose from one or all of these classes:
EFL Communicating with Yourself
- Learn about your comfort with risk, confidence, perspectives, and self-awareness of thought, emotion, and body language.
Shera Felde                            9:00am-11:30 Sa                  49113
9/19                                        Bend OTHER                       Cost $69

EFL Communicating with Others - Explore your own communication effectiveness, empathy, boundaries, and relational skills with regard to trust, respect, and acceptance.
Shera Felde                             9:00am-11:30 Sa                  49114
10/3                                        Bend OTHER                       Cost $69

EFL Communicating with the World - Carry your skills into the world and examine your contribution to the greater community including community values, roles, and leadership skills.
Shera Felde                             9:00am-11:30 Sa                  49115
10/10                                       Bend OTHER                       Cost $69              

Mushroom Identification
Find and identify wild mushrooms, those edible treasures hidden in our local forests. You’ll learn basic identification, terminology and the most common local genera. Discover where to find mushrooms and how to distinguish between several edible species and their poisonous lookalikes. Two Saturday field trips 9/26 & 10/3. Field trip dates subject to change depending on conditions. 
Linda Gilpin                               Bend CHLAB 301                              49044
9/21 to 10/12                             5:30pm-7:30 M (Classroom Sessions)
9/26 & 10/3                               10:00am-02:00 Sa (Field Sessions)     Cost $99

Mah Jongg: A Game of Strategy
Join the growing number of people who play this exciting and intellectually challenging game. Originally from China, Mah Jongg is a fascinating, rummy-like game played with tiles rather than cards. Learn the National League rules of play and find out about opportunities to play locally. Bring $9 to instructor for Mah Jongg card. Please note: first class is mandatory attendance in order to learn the rules and how to play. 
Joan Emerson                          10:00am-11:30 Tu                    49013
9/29 to 10/20                             Bend SRCTR                          Cost $45

RV Winterization Maintenance Made Easy
Take care of your valuable investment and learn how to maintain your RV for winter. Learn to troubleshoot and care for your RV's appliances, LP and electrical systems. Get your RV ready for the winter season with easy lessons on how to winterize and de-winterize. Class includes hands-on experience with an actual RV at the class. Dress for indoor/outdoor session.
Larry Nonemaker                        9:00am-5:00 Sa                      48941
10/3                                           Bend CHLAB 301                   Cost $75

NEW! Who Will Be President Number 45?
Are you ready for the 2016 Presidential Election and President Number 45? Have you ever wondered how much the media influences our Presidential Elections? Come and learn from nationally distinguished award winner, Wayne Metcalf III, who has served in the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of Government. Get ready to discover, discuss, and make your next vote count!
Wayne Metcalf                         6:30pm-8:30 Tu                       49062
10/6 to 11/3                              Bend BEC 155                        Cost $49

Lunch & Learn in Sisters        
This six-week series of comprehensive topics will inform, stimulate thinking and offer an opportunity to explore subjects in a survey format. The topics change each week and range from history to travel, adventure to world affairs, art to science and more. See schedule of topics for this term as it becomes available.
Sue Edgerton                           noon-1:00 W                          49065
10/7 to 11/11                            Sisters DPL-SI                       Cost $19 

10/7/2015 – A Clash of Cultures: An Expats Experience in the Middle East – Dresden Moss

10/14/2015 – Turkey: Where East Meets West – Jim Kress

10/21/2015 – China: Building a Future: Sichuan University – Ed Sea

10/28/2015 – Ancient Egyptian Medicine - John Huntsberger

11/4/2015 – Media Influence on Presidential  Elections – Wayne Metcalf

11/11/2015 – A Veteran’s Tour of Duty – Earl Schroeder

NEW! Tuesdays at 2 
Have coffee with COCC Community Learning and discover something new about yourself, the world and your community.  Join us the second Tuesday of the month for a presentation on topics that will expand your mind, ignite your creativity and broaden your horizons.  Highlighting the COCC faculty and Central Oregon experts; we’ll explore topics ranging from international culture to current events to emerging technologies.  Leave these 2 hour sessions with unique takeaways, useful life hacks, fascinating insights and a desire to know more, do more and see more.  Your registration is good for all sessions through May 2016. Visit our Tuesdays at 2 webpage at www.cocc.edu/continuinged/Tuesdays-at-2/ for upcoming sessions in 2016.
Staff                                          2:00pm-4:00 Tu                  49180
10/13 to 3/8                               Bend CHLAB 301               Cost $49

NEW! You've Written Your Book, Now What?
Discover how to take a fiction manuscript from draft to published work. This course will compare and contrast different publishing methods available to everyone, teach the process and necessity of editing, interior and exterior layout and design, building the author's brand, and marketing the published book.
Dave Edlund                             6:30pm-8:30 M                      48953
10/12 to 11/9                            Bend BEC 154                       Cost $69                            

The Buddhist Point of View
Buddha taught that we all have a naturally conscious and loving presence. However, we get distracted by our reactions to life situations and develop habits of mind that overshadow our original nature. This class will explore how the Buddhist point of view guides the way to remembering the true heart/mind of compassion. Michael Stevens is the author of Being an Ordinary Buddha: Practicing the Natural Mind. Optional text available to purchase at class. Meets at The Natural Mind Dharma Center, 345 SW Century Dr, Ste 2. 
Michael Stevens                        7:00pm-9:00 Th                    49073
10/15 to 11/19                           Bend OTHER                       Cost $69

Basic Homeowner Maintenance
Want to protect your most important investment? Tired of trying to hire someone to do something you know you could do yourself? If you don't know where to start, come out and spend the morning with us. Learn some of the most common ways to maintain your home. In this hands-on class, you will learn how to prevent moisture intrusion inside and out (i.e. caulking), how to change filters, clean dryer vents, and reduce dust damage to appliances. Explore simple ways to improve your energy efficiency through weatherization. This class will be taught by both women and men. No previous experience necessary. Bring your specific questions to class for our Q&A session. Location information will be emailed.
Misty Mooers                             9:00am-noon Sa                                49063
10/17                                         Bend OTHER                                    Cost $39               

Learn to Fly R/C Model Planes

Get an overview of flight safety and R/C technology as well as hands-on flight instruction. This class is for interested enthusiasts and newcomers to recreational R/C model aviation. It will help you understand the difference between recreational vs. commercial applications, organized vs. unorganized flying, airplane types, governing regulations and required equipment. Learn what it takes to get started and enjoy introductory flight training. Saturday's class (10/24) will take place at the Pine Nursery airfield from 9:00am-noon (weather permitting). 
Waldemar Frank                          Bend CHLAB 207                   49002
10/19 to 10/21                             6:00pm-8:00 MW                                             
10/24                                          9:00am-noon S                       Cost $79

Unmanned Aerial Systems for the Novice    
Interested in learning about unmanned aerial systems (UAS)? Join an expert in the field as he covers the controversies and the role of UAS in society. Explore the ethics, rules and regulations needed to fly safely and within the law. The fundamentals of unmanned flight and proper maintenance of unmanned aerial systems will also be discussed. You will get some hands-on experience during class, too. 
Kevin Sivertson                           6:00pm-9:00 Th                       49071
10/22 to 10/29                             Bend CHLAB 207                   Cost $79

Introduction to Enneagram 
You may not be who you think you are! The Enneagram personality system reveals that your personality type is not "who" you are; it is how you have learned to be. WHO you are is another matter entirely! In this class, you will learn that your behaviors (and those of everyone else) are a result of unconscious motivations that are quite predictable and changeable. Explore this amazing tool of self-discovery, and in the process, tap into a deep compassion for others and yourself. Bring a brown bag lunch for a conversational lunch session. Also, for this interactive class, please bring a pen, a journal or notebook and your desire to learn. 
Kathleen Paterno                       10:00am-2:30 Sa                     48958
10/24                                         Bend CHLAB 301                   Cost $79                              

Touch Drawing 
Touch Drawing is a unique technique; no artistic skills or talents are needed, as this is not a sketch class or a crafty art form. Your instructor, a trained facilitator by The Center for Touch Drawing, will be holding space for you to experience Touch Drawing as a sacred act enhanced by meditation, sacred music and movement. Deborah Koff-Chapin, creator of Touch Drawing describes the experience in this way: “as the body is given permission to speak through the movement of the fingers on paper, its wisdom begins to guide the process. Emotions are released and transformed. In allowing the mystery beyond personal knowing to guide the way, it is possible to use Touch Drawing to open the way for the emergence of the deeper Self beyond emotion and form. The simplest of art forms, Touch Drawing is a creative practice that can open the door to the universal soul." For more information visit www.touchdrawing.com. Bring $10 payable to your instructor for supplies. Bring a packed lunch. More details about what to bring to class will be emailed prior to class. 
Darlene Gertsch                        10:00am-4:00 Sa                      48940
10/31                                        Bend BEC 152                         Cost $59              

Career Advancement through Business Intelligence
Ever wonder how to get a job with Oracle, GE, Microsoft or other highly desirable companies? Lessen job search frustrations by discovering how to conduct research, aligning yourself with the corporate culture you seek, comparing key metrics and defining a success blueprint that can lead you to action.
Joel Blatt                                  6:00pm-8:00 M                        48959
11/2 to 11/23                             Bend MAZ 205                        Cost $89

NEW! Grief Release with Emotional Freedom Technique
This informative and interactive session introduces the foundational pieces of the Good Grief Guidance Program - a two-part, sixteen-week experiential program offering profound support for the journey of change that grief presents. Discover Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) also known as tapping. This is self-empowering, deep work – a powerful and fast technique that produces the ability to integrate the emotions of grief with daily life. Watch for the full Good Grief Guidance Program in Winter 2016.
Darlene Gertsch                          10:00am-01:00 Sa                  49194
11/14                                          Bend BEC 160                       Cost $45                

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