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Culinary, Beer, Wine & Spirits

Bread  Pan Roasting(2) Cake Decorating(1) Chopping Vegetables

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NEW! Sweets & Treats for the Holidays! 
Want to add a little dazzle to your next holiday party? Come and enjoy the best sweets of the seasons! You will create toffee, fudge, truffles, peppermints and an assortment of cookies. Your friends and family will love you! All ingredients included in the price of this hands-on class.  Please bring an apron, pencil, lunch and containers to take home your treats.
Magadalyn Hasse                    9:00am-4:00 Sa                  49128
12/5                                        Bend CUL 116                    Cost $89                              

NEW! Create a Classic: Holiday Yule Log
Students will learn how to make this beautiful, rich delicious showcase of a holiday dessert: chocolate roulade rolled around a whipped chocolate ganache and then glazed with a chocolate glaze and finished with meringue mushrooms, chocolate leaves and sugared cranberries. It will become a true family tradition! Bring an apron, lunch and a container to take home your dessert. 
Katie Fuller                               9:00am-3:30 Sa                 49141
12/12                                        Bend CUL 116                   Cost $69

Knife Skills I
Achieve several goals in this introductory knife skills class. Learn how to maintain and sharpen your knives. Master safe handling of the knife using proper grip and placement of the guiding hand and practice multiple cuts and some garnishing techniques. You will then have the opportunity to apply these new techniques to make simple soup and salsa in class. Knives will be provided for practice and demonstration. Bring your best knife to class along with some to-go containers and an apron.
Julian Darwin             9:00am-noon Sa                 18415
1/30                          Bend CUL 117                    Cost $49                              

Julian Darwin             9:00am-noon Sa                 18416
2/20                          Bend CUL 117                    Cost $49

NEW! Nutty For Nuts
This class is for people who love nuts! Create Chocolate Nut Bark and two different tarts. The Raspberry Almond Tart has nuts in the crust and Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle Tart has nuts in the filling. Please bring an apron, a chef knife, a lunch and containers to take home your treats.
Katie Fuller                9:00am-3:30 Sa                 18409
1/23                          Bend CUL 116                    Cost $79

Trio of Chocolate Desserts
Students will make three decadent chocolate desserts including Dark Chocolate Mousse, Milk Chocolate Lavender Panna Cotta and a Chocolate Torte using imported Swiss chocolate. Students will learn how cocoa is processed to create chocolate as we know it, as well as a little history about chocolate and its many uses. Please bring an apron, a chef knife, a lunch and containers to take home your goodies.
Magadalyn Hasse         9:00am-3:00 Sa                  18468
1/30                             Bend CUL 116                    Cost $69             

NEW! Secrets for Great Gluten Free Sauces
This course will outline gluten free methods in cooking. Learn what gluten is and how easy it is to avoid when cooking at home. In this hands-on class, participants will create four sauces: Balsamic Honey Fig Sauce, Basic Tomato Sauce, Mustard & Thyme Sauce and a White Wine Beurre Blanc. To pair with these sauces, the class will make sautéed pork chops, mashed potatoes and a quick vegetable to complete a full meal. Bring an apron, a sharp paring knife, a lunch and a container to take home your meal. Special Note: This is not a Certified Gluten Free Kitchen.
Jessa Pereira               9:00am-1:00 Sa                  18487
2/6                              Bend CUL 117                    Cost $59  

Intro to Extract Beer Brewing 
Learn the basics of brewing beer using the extract brewing process that will rival the local micro brews we enjoy in the Northwest. Discuss the process and supplies necessary for home brewing as well as flavor, food pairing and more. Bring $15 materials fee. Three class periods 2/10 (meets 6:00pm-9:00), 2/17 (meets 6:00pm-9:30) and 3/2 (meets 6:00pm-8:00).  Must be 21 years or older; bring photo ID. Required text: How to Brew by John J. Palmer.
Timothy Koester             6:00pm-9:00 W                  18341
2/10 to 3/2                     Bend CUL 118                    Cost $69          

NEW! Treats for Your Sweets
Make some rich chocolatey treats for your special Valentine or better yet take the class with your sweetie! You will learn to make molten chocolate cupcakes, beautiful chocolate truffles and mini chocolate tartlettes. Your sweetie will be so impressed!  Please bring an apron, a chef knife, a lunch and containers to take home your goodies.
Katie Fuller                   9:00am-3:30 Sa                  18411
2/13                             Bend CUL 116                     Cost $79  

NEW! The Perfect Cream Pies
Master the skills of making the perfect cream pie with a flaky homemade crust.  Chef Magadalyn will take you step-by-step through the process in this hands-on class. Students will make lemon, chocolate and coconut cream pies. Bring clear glass pie plates, an apron, a lunch and containers to take your pies home.
Magadalyn Hasse             9:00am-3:00 Sa                18469
3/5                                  Bend CUL 116                   Cost $59

NEW! Savory Tarts
Tarts don’t have to be sweet; they are just as rich and delicious with savory ingredients! Students will learn how to make a flaky pastry to encase delicious fillings: Butternut Squash & Gruyere, Mushrooms, Caramelized Onion & Goat Cheese and of course, the French classic, Quiche Lorraine. Perfect with a salad for a cold winter evening. Please bring an apron, a chef knife, a lunch and containers to take home your goodies.
Katie Fuller                     9:00am-3:30 Sa                  18412
3/12                               Bend CUL 116                     Cost $79                 

NEW! Spring Cookie Extravaganza with Your Child
Bring your child or grandchild to bake and decorate spring-themed  shortbread cookies (flowers, suns, eggs, bunnies). Registered adult may bring one child age 7-12 to class.  Students will learn a variety of new cookie recipes and how to decorate cookies. Bring an apron, a lunch and storage containers to take your cookies home. 
Magadalyn Hasse             9:00am-3:00 Sa                  18467
3/19                                 Bend CUL 116                    Cost $69

Wine Tasting & Appreciation for Beginners
Be an informed wine shopper and consumer! This course is designed for those who like wine, but want to know more about it and for those who would like to enjoy wine, but just don't know where to begin. Start with a tasting and analysis of the basic components of wine -- sugar, acid, tannin and alcohol, the foundation with which to knowledgeably taste and analyze wines. Discover some of the most important wine grapes and wine regions by tasting, discussing and scoring several wines as you learn about wine tasting, serving and drinking etiquette. To wrap it all up, study the basics of wine and food pairing. By the end of the class, you should be able to navigate a wine shop or restaurant wine list without fear. Bring $15 to instructor at class. Must be 21 years or older; bring photo ID.
Laura Craska Cooper          6:00pm-9:00 Sa                 18540
3/12                                  Bend CUL 120                    Cost $39

Oregon Alcohol Server Training
Get your OLCC Alcohol Service permit at the Cascade Culinary Institute. Course includes a workbook that is yours to keep and use as a workplace reference guide.  Must be 18 years of age. Class is followed by exam. Bring a $23 check or money order for application fee made out to OLCC (no cash). 
Samuel La Duca                 9:00am-1:00 Sa                  18372    
1/30                                   Bend CUL 120                    Cost $39                              

Samuel La Duca                 9:00am-1:00 Sa                  18373
3/5                                     Bend CUL 120                    Cost $39


General Certificate in Brewing (GCB) Exam Prep Course Information The next course to prepare for the Institute of Brewing and Distilling’s General Certificate in Brewing exam is planned for early 2016. Add your name to our mailing list to be notified of class details: 541-383-7270 or or visit to add your name to our interest list.



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