Achievement Compacts

Under 2012's Senate Bill 1581, the Oregon Education Investment Board (OEIB) will enter into achievement compacts with each of Oregon's educational sectors (early learning, K-12, ESD's community colleges and OUS).  These two-way partnership agreements challenge educators across Oregon to set targets on key student outcomes and encourage broad collaboration to adopt transformational practices, policies and budgets to help students achieve the educational outcomes. Each educational sector agreed to a standard set of outcome measures and to setting targets of achievement for each measure.  Achievement Compacts will be submitted to and compiled by the state on an annual basis.  

Starting with the 2014-15 academic year, community colleges state funding formula is anticipated to change. Currently, community colleges are funded based on enrollment.  To help achieve 40-40-20 goals, it is anticipated that a portion of community college funding will shift to performance-based.  Some of the AC outcome measures will be used in this funding model.  Further details are not known at this time, although it is likely that 2013-14 AC targets will influence 2014-15 funding.

During the spring term, the Student Success Planning Team met with campus departments to review many of the factors influencing the need for focusing COCC's student success work.  The Achievement Compact data below was used during those discussions, although more recent Achievement Compact data is available on the COCC Achievement Compact web page.

COCC's Achievement Compact benchmarks are below.

Achievement Compact Table

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