The Oregon Education Investment Board (OEIB), chaired by the Governor and consisting of 12 educators and community leaders from around Oregon, has been charged with overseeing the creation of a seamless, unified system for investing in and delivering public education from early childhood through preparation for employment.  The goal of the OEIB is to aid Oregon in reaching an ambitious goal for educational attainment, known as "40-40-20".  Approved by the Oregon Legislature in 2011 in Senate Bill 253, the "40-40-20 Goal" is that by the year 2025, 40% of adult Oregonians will hold a bachelor's or advanced degree, 40% will have an associate's degree or a meaningful postsecondary certificate, and all adult Oregonians will hold a high school diploma. 

This goal poses unique challenges for Oregon's community colleges in that we fit in to each of the goal areas: we provide dual credit opportunities to high school students and offer high school or GED completion programs; we are the primary source of professional certificates and associate degrees; and we prepare students to transfer to achieve a bachelor's degree.


40-40-20 Chart

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