CIS Computer Information Systems

Whether you simply want to upgrade your basic computer skills or go for your Computer Information Systems degree, Central Oregon Community College has the program for you.

New Classes for Spring 2014

  • Eric Magidson will be teaching a CIS279SP - Sharepoint configuration. (CRN 22345, TR 1245-1450, PON 221)
  • Ken Swartwout is teaching CIS233PWeb Programming - this is a capstone course in the web/database option where you will put to use the tools you learned in the java script and PHP courses as well as your HTML skills (CRN 22319, TR 1515-1720, PIO200B)
  • Carson Haury is teaching a CIS279SE Security + course online (CRN 22002, online)

New Prerequisites, Effective Fall 2014

  • CIS120 Computer Concepts will be a prerequisite to CIS131 Software Applications.
  • CIS122 Introduction to Programming will be a prerequisite to CIS133JS Java Script and CIS133PPHP
  • CIS133P PHP will be a prerequisite to CIS233p Web Programming. 
  • CIS179 Network Essentials will be a prerequisite to CIS279SC Windows Server Configuration and CIS151C Cisco Introduction to Networks and it is already a prerequisite to CIS279SE.
  • We will have a new course on CCNA Security CIS284 and it will have a prerequisite of CIS154CCISCO Scaling and WAN Networks

    Course Substitutions for Graduation

    CIS 275 Database Management is no longer offered. In place of it, you can/should take CIS 233P Web Programming. This course will be a better fit for the Web Development/Database option and it is offered this Spring at 3:15pm Tu/Thu. This will be a capstone course and will involve both PHP and JavaScript programming. Make sure you've taken both CIS 133JS JavaScript and CIS 133P PHP before Spring term. 

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