Plan for Registration Each Term

Check your registration status

  • In your Bobcat Web Account, under "Registration" select the "Can I Register for Credit Classes?" page to learn about any holds or requirements you may need to resolve before registering.

Make an appointment with your advisor

  • You can find the name and contact information of your advisor on the same "Can I Register for Credit Classes?" page. 
  • Use the COCC directory to learn how to best contact your advisor; schedule an appointment.

Prepare and meet with your advisor

  • Use GradTracks to determine the courses you still need for your degree/certificate.
  • Complete an academic plan, using the Academic Planner and bring it with you.
  • Write down the specific courses you plan to take for the upcoming term (which can be captured on a weekly planner worksheet ) to be reviewed with your advisor. 

Register for classes

Do you have questions about advising?  Read about Advising Requirements

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