Vehicle Use & Reservations

To request a vehicle reservation, please refer to the Campus Services Helpdesk.

Please note: All drivers are required to be approved by the Director of Campus Services prior to driving any vehicles.

Driving approval forms:
*Forms includes a Safety Test and 15-passenger Van Advisory notice; all forms must be completed and signed for driving approval.

Charges for COCC vans:
Department is charged .82¢ per mile.
*Minimum charge of $35.00 for each van use.

Estimated Charges for vehicle rental per day*:

12 passenger vans $94.94
Minivans $49.49
SUV Large vs. Medium $79.79 vs. $50.50
Full-size $34.34
Standard/Intermediate    $31.64
Compact/Economy $30.03



*In addition to the rental cost, the Department pays for fuel charges.

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