Key Requests


To request keys please refer to the Helpdesk.


All Keys Issued:
Photo ID is required for key pick-up. Please be prepared to show your COCC ID when picking up keys.

All key request must be submitted a minimum of 24 hours prior to pick up so that Campus Services staff may ensure that the requested key is in stock.

New Employees:
Department heads and/or the appropriate Admin support MUST submit a ticket requesting all appropriate keys for a new employee.

No substitutions for the key request can be made without permission from the Dept Head and/or Building Manager.

Existing Employees:
Classroom keys for existing Faculty are processed through lists generated from ITS on a term-by term basis. A full-time Faculty member may substitute a classroom master for individual classroom keys when 3 or more classrooms are being utilized in the same building. That master must be returned at the end of the term.

Staff key requests for individual door keys must be approved by their supervisor, and building sub-master keys must be approved by both the building manager and immediate supervisor.

All requests for interior keys being issued to students must have the approval of both the building manager and the student's supervisor or program advisor.
All requests for exterior access must additionally have the approval of the Director of Campus Services.


The Director of Campus Services has the responsibility for issuing keys to authorized individuals. Keys will be issued according to the following guidelines:

  1. Each full-time employee or other authorized individual will be issued keys giving them access to their building and office.
  2. Department Heads, or individuals whose responsibilities encompass the use of an entire building will be issued a master key for the building. Such master keys will be issued on the written approval of the responsible Vice President/Dean.
  3. Grand Master keys will be issued only with the approval of the President.

Campus Grandmaster Keys, both interior and exterior, will be maintained on campus, in a secure and lockable container, when not being used by an employee in the performance of their duties. Employees are prohibited from removing Grandmasters from the campus when the employee is not performing their duties. Department Heads are responsible for the security of Grandmasters issued to employees under their supervision.
Keys for instructional staff are to be requested by their Department Secretary via the Helpdesk. Campus Services will distribute new classroom keys prior to each term.

Lost or misplaced keys should be reported immediately to the Office of Campus Services.

Staff and other authorized individuals have the responsibility for the securing of doors to buildings once they enter a building which has been locked. They should check to see that the door they enter is latched sufficiently to prevent anyone from entering after them.

Staff and other authorized individuals should also secure the exit doors when they leave the building. If unable to do so, the Campus Services Office should be contacted and advised of the problem.
A person entering the building after it has been secured accepts responsibility for the security of that building until he/she leaves the building.

The use of buildings that have been previously secured should be limited to those staff or other authorized personnel engaging in legitimate College or instructional activity. These persons should have a definite need or purpose to enter that particular building. The buildings or rooms they enter should be the ones they would use during their normal course of work.

For additional key concerns, please refer to B-3-5.1 - B-3-5.4 of the General Business Procedures or call the Campus Services Office at 383-7775.


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