Event Signs

Campus Services has ten outdoor sign holders available for you to check out for your event.

1. Submit a helpdesk ticket to the service type "Event/set up" to request event signs to be reserved for your event. Be sure to include the start and end time of your event. Also include the number of holders (up to 10). Five of the signs say COCC, the remaining ones say EVENT.

2. Please remember to include what time you want to pick them up, and what time you will be bringing them back. Signs are NOT to be left out overnight.  The user will be responsible for signing out and returning the signs; any damaged or stolen signs are to be replaced by the using department.

3. You may create your own 11" x 17" signs to insert in the plexi holders or you can indicate what you would like it to say in your Helpdesk ticket and we will print it for you. Sign holders have arrows in place already so there is no need to add an arrow to your printed insert.

Please see "Sign Making Tips" below for guidelines. Please be sure to use only 11" x 17" signs. DO NOT place any 8" x 11" signs in the holders - they are very hard to get out.


For best results in visibility...

• Use Black ink on White or Bright Yellow paper.

• Print on 11" x 17" paper.

• Use a VERY simple fonts, no script or funky fonts.

• Use the largest font available.

• Do not hand write signs.

   COCC Sign - Good Example

  Campus Sign - Poor Example


*Please note:  

Please submit requests for the event signs at least 3 working days prior to your event.  Short notice requests are less likely to be accommodated.


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