Campus Services

Campus Services performs a vital role in the operation of the COCC and OSU Cascades Campus. Campus Services is available to help with a number of services from building and grounds maintenance, facility reservations and campus shuttle services.

If you have questions please contact the Campus Services office at (541) 383-7775.

Director of Campus Services 
Joe Viola- Director of Campus Services     
Phone: 541-383-7776

Campus Services Operations Supervisor
- ADA Transport
- Grounds / Landscaping
- Campus Shuttle

Mike Beaulieu
Phone: 541-330-4373

Maintenance - Custodial 
  - Custodial services 
  - Recycling

Chris McCoy- Dept. Supervisor 
Phone: 541-383-7267

Maintenance - Buildings  
  - Heating and Cooling 
  - Plumbing 
  - Mechanicals 
  - Building support (painting, carpentry, plumbing) 
  - Electrical concerns 
  - Floor repair/installs 
  - Interior signage
  - Snow Removal

Ryan Stock - Dept. Supervisor 
Phone: 541-383-7778

 Storage/Removal Requests:
 Complete the surplus removal form 

  Facilities Services - Scheduling Coordinator
  - Event Reservations 
  - Event set-ups

Phone: 541-383-7237


Also see:
Campus Public Safety - for information about campus parking, safety or security concerns, emergency procedures, access to buildings, OSHA compliance, ergonomic assessment and hazardous waste disposal.

Lost and Found - is now handled by the Student Life Office in the Campus Center Building.

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