Andria Woodell

Dept(s): Psychology
Office: Modoc Hall 217
Phone: 541-383-7786 x7786
Fax: 541-330-4396

Office Hours for Fall 2014

Class and Office Hours schedule


C.O.P.E: COCC psychology club.

COPE Art Competition: COPE Art Contest 2014

To join or to learn more about events, email  and ask to be added to mailing list. 

Extra Credit Opportunities:

Five Point Activities:

You can receive 5 points for activities affiliated with COCC or OSU-Cascades, open to all students, require participation or time commitment of a hour or more and educate you on a topic count (eg. talks, salmon bake, multicultural festivals, dancing clinics, book discussions, PawPrints, movie nights).  Students are to write up a one-page informal reflection about the event and what they learned and place in the Engagement Portfolio.

The History Club is hosting a series of movie nights this term. History Movies_SP14
Psychology Movie Night: 
Social Science Lecture Series:  SSLS_SP14

SCI-Night! SCINight_SP14

Psychology Lunch and Learn: 

The COPE club will be hosting a series of lunch and learns that are open to students. I have listed the dates and topics below.  

Bring your lunch, but popcorn will be provided as well.

  • May 30th @ 12:00-1:00: SCI230 The Heroic Imagination Project Presents Situational Awareness and Bystander Effect: Tools and Tips on How to a Hero  
  • June 6th @ 12:00-1:30: HITCHCOCK AUDITORIUM Dr. Rebecca Walker-Sands presents Transgendered Children: Movie presentation, discussion and lecture on physiological bases for external genitalia, internal reproductive organs, gender identity, mate choice and trends in behavior.

Three Point Activities:

Blood Drive Volunteer or Donor: 3 points for volunteering at campus blood drive and/or 3 points for donating any time this term. Need donor card, sticker, or other evidence of participation.

Links to Campus Events:  Check featured events on the main website for ideas, but below are some of the regular events. 

Multicultural Events:

  • Events are located on the right side of the page with links to descriptions. Page is updated monthly.

  Paw Prints: family fun!! Bring your kids:




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