Andria Woodell

Dept(s): Psychology
Office: Modoc Hall 217
Phone: 541-383-7786 x7786
Fax: 541-330-4396

Office Hours for Winter 2015:

Monday/Tuesday 3:00-4:30

Tuesday/ Thursday 9:00-10:00

Class and Office Hours schedule


C.O.P.E: (COCC psychology club)

Fall Meet and Greet:COPE winter meet and greet  

Upcoming Events: COPE Winter Events 2015

To join or to learn more about events, email  and ask to be added to mailing list. 

Extra Credit Opportunities:

Five Point Activities:

You can receive 5 points for activities affiliated with COCC or OSU-Cascades, open to all students, require participation or time commitment of a hour or more and educate you on a topic count (eg. talks, salmon bake, multicultural festivals, dancing clinics, book discussions, PawPrints, movie nights).  Students are to write up a one-page informal reflection about the event and what they learned and place in the Engagement Portfolio.


     Psychology Movie Nights: We will have lots of free popcorn and drinks for everyone!COPEMovieNight_W15
         The first movie is on a WEDNESDAY--not a MONDAY

     Psychology Lunch and Learn: COPE Lunch and Learn W15

     Student Showcase: 



On March 4th, at 5pm, Geography instructor Mick McCann will talk about practical ways to travel the globe chiefly and safely. This will include discussion of his experiences in 38 foreign countries, 50 states, and 10 years as a wilderness kayak guide in Alaska, all to be followed by a Q/A. The venue and further details will be confirmed as we approach this date.

On March 16, at 6pm, Professor Jessica Hammerman will also be providing a talk at Bend's Deschutes Public Library entitled "Muslims, Christians, and Jews in North Africa."

Three Point Activities:

Blood Drive Volunteer or Donor: 3 points for volunteering at campus blood drive and/or 3 points for donating any time this term. Need donor card, sticker, or other evidence of participation.

Links to Campus Events:  Check featured events on the main website for ideas, but below are some of the regular events. 

Multicultural Events:

  • Events are located on the right side of the page with links to descriptions. Page is updated monthly.

  Paw Prints: family fun!! Bring your kids:




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