New Aviation Student Checklist

This page covers the following topics:

College Application| Estimating Costs| Plan for College Success| Advisor Contact & permission to register
  FAA Medical and Security| Registration| Student Details| Aircraft Insurance 

Apply for admission to COCC
A student interested in registering for COCC credit courses, certificates or degrees will begin by completion of the on-line application will expedite your admission process; however, paper applications are also available.

  • Start by visiting the Getting Started at COCC webpage to learn the process, programs offered and requirements.
  • Apply by completing the Online Application.
                           •  Pay $25 admission application fee - be ready with your credit card
  • Once you apply for admission you will be assigned a student ID number. To find your ID, click here and use your social security number to look it up.

Take a Placement Test or Submit Transcripts 
New students must either take a placement test or submit transcripts from another accredited college showing completion of math and writing courses before they can be cleared to register for classes. Placement Test Options,online reservation are available online.  

Pick up your copy of the college catalog
Students admitted to COCC receive a free college catalog. An online version of the catalog may be viewed or downloaded from the COCC website.

Determine how you will pay for college 
Certain classes will have flight training and simulator fees attached that are quite expensive.The program qualifies for federal financial aid and the GI Bill™.  Flight fees charged by the college are generally based on the minimums required for each certificate/rating.  Students who require additional flight, ground, or simulator training may incur costs that exceed the fees charged by the college.  The student would be responsible for those additional fees directly with the flight provider. 

It is important to request financial aid as soon as possible. The process can take up to two months, and loans must be applied for at least 30 days prior to date the money is needed. You may be able to determine the amount of financial aid available, but you will not receive financial aid until you are admitted. 

  • Check the Aviation Financial Aid web page and COCC Financial Aid web page
  • Fill out FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) on-line at
  • Check out scholarships and Foundation Scholarships 
  • Contact Tyler Hayes 541.383.7410 for additional Financial Aid assistance.
  • Apply for VA GI Bill™ benefits. Our COCC New GI Bill™ website will give you a starting point. Chapter 33 "New GI Bill™" benefits will cover the cost of tuition, flight and simulator fees, $1000 per year for books, and a stipend equivalent to an E-5 with dependents. The COCC VA Coordinator can be reached at 541.383.7264
  • Alternative loans may be available to cover flight fees beyond the federal financial aid. For information on alternative loans, contact Jodi Cashman, 541.383.7245 

Determine where you will live 
The majority of our students live off campus.  Rental apartments, townhouses, and homes are abundant and reasonably priced in Bend.  Many students report that they find rentals on Craig's List, or find other aviation students who are looking for a roommate.

Central Oregon Community College has an on-campus residence hall. Students taking 12 or more credits wishing to live on campus are encouraged to apply early because dorm space fills up quickly. If you have questions about becoming a resident, please contact the Housing and Residence Life Office at 541-383-7588 for further details.   

  • The following table shows a typical student budget before flight fees:    

2012-2013 Budget

     Students without Dependents Living  with Parents    Residence Hall   


Tuition and Fees   $3,243  $3,243


Books and Supplies   $1,350  $1,350  $1,350
Room and Board   $3,765  $8,556  $8,556
Transportation/Personal    $2,859  $2,859  $2,859
Loan Fees ** ** **
Child/Dependent Care* NA NA NA
Total  $11,217  $16,008   $16,008

  *Child care costs are based on number of children and age. Contact Financial Aid Office to adjust your cost of
     attendance budget for child care costs.  Documentation may be required.
** Loan fees may or may not apply.

 Click here for Tuition and Financial Aid information for Out-of-district/in-state/border state/Out of state residents.

Develop a plan for college success     .

  • Organize your life to have time to learn
  • Build a degree plan with your advisor  
  • Tour the COCC Campus and learn where your classes will be located.
  • Learn technology used at COCC.
  • Learn how to get involved on campus - activities, jobs and clubs.
    • Join the Aviation Club to meet new friends and to join in some great activities of special interest to aviation students.

Prepare to take ONLINE courses at COCC 
The prerequisite for taking online courses at COCC is the successful completion of units 1-5 of the Online Orientation. 

Meet with a Program Advisor
All first time degree-seeking students are required to talk with an advisor so they can be cleared to register for classes. 

  • If you are aviation major, you should talk to  Karl Baldessari 541.318.3702 or Jerry Bean 541.318-3736 before committing to the program so you learn the program specific requirements.
  • This is an expensive major so you must be prepared for the cost of flight training in addition to the normal tuition and fees.

FAA Medical Certificate 
Students are required to get an FAA medical certificate before starting the aviation program. Go to the Medical link on the left menu bar for more information.

TSA Security Requirement 
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires us to verify a student's citizenship status. See the  National Aviation Security link on the left menu bar for more information.

Register for classes 
Meet with your Academic Adviser and get clearance to register.

  • Students are required to set up an advising appointment each term in order to be cleared to register for the next term.
  • To register online, you will need your student ID number and Online password.

                            ***Register the first day you are permitted to register***

  • Classes fill up quickly and you must register as early as possible to get into the classes and sections you want!
  • Find the CRN (course registration number) for the courses you plan to take and register online. 

Bobcat Web Registration Process  

  1. Log into, select "My Login"
  2. "Bobcate Web Account - Login Now"
  3. User ID is your COCC Student ID, PIN is initially your date of birth (MMDDYY).
  4. "Student Services and Financial Aid"
  5. "Registration"
  6. "Register/Add/Drop Classes"
  7. Select the term for which you are registering from the drop down menu.
  8. Add the CRNs to the blocks at the bottom of the page and click Submit Changes. 
    -   If you are Wait Listed, you must click the Submit on that page to actually be added to a Wait List for a class.

Purchase your books
Textbooks become available generally one to two weeks before classes begin. The COCC Bookstore has a list of required and optional books for each class.  You should attempt to purchase all books before the first day of class. Aviation courses start from the very first day of class and having your books and being ready to start studying will keep you from getting behind.

Get your COCC ID Card 
Student ID cards are available in Boyle Education Center.

Obtain your campus parking permit
Parking permits are available in Boyle Education Center. You will need a Parking permit to park a vehicle in college parking lots.

  • Parking is sometimes hard to find, so plan to come early to allow time to find a space. 
  • Parking is hectic the first two weeks of class as students juggle for classes in which they are Wait Listed.
  • Overflow parking is available during the first few weeks of each term and a shuttle bus is provided. See the signs on campus for more details.

Follow up on your paperwork
It is your responsibility to ensure that your file is complete in order to be fully admitted and ready to begin classes.

Pay for classes
Pay on time so that you are not dropped from your classes.

  • A student may usually drop a full term class until Friday of the second week of the term and receive a full refund of tuition and fees.
  • Aviation students must have their flight fees paid in full by Friday of the second week of class.
  • Students will be dropped from the flight labs if fees are not paid  in full, or arrangements have been made with the financial aid office for federal aid, loans, or the GI Bill.
  • If you have questions about your account call the financial aid office or VA Coordinator to verify your status.

Use your COCC e-mail account

  • Everyone that is registered at COCC is assigned a college account and e-mail address.
  • This account can be used for personal and school related business. 
  • COCC will use this address to inform you of any college wide news (i.e. closures, etc.)
  • You are responsible for communication sent to your e-mail account by the college or class instructors.
  • If you have a personal address that you prefer, you may forward your COCC e-mail to that account. The college does not keep a record of personal email addresses
  • You can use your account to log on to any computer on campus.
  • Computer labs are available in the Library and Pioneer, and some buildings have computer kiosks for student use. 
  • WiFi is available on campus and is accessible using your student account

Update your address and phone number with the college after you arrive at COCC.

Do you need non-owned insurance to use aircraft? You could be personally liable for damages to non-owned (rented or borrowed) aircraft.

FBOs have coverage to cover their own loss from damage to an aircraft. If you cause the damage, you may be liable for their deductible and, in some cases, the insurance company may expect you to pay for their loss. Some FBO policies have provisions which will cover students and renters for liability coverage and provide a waiver of subrogation, but without seeing a copy of the policy you will never know what rights you have (if any) under the FBO's policy. You are much better off having your own coverage.

Research coverage available to you if you rent or borrow a non-owned aircraft.  One site that can help with that research is AOPA1.800.622.AOPA

Note: COCC does not endorse AOPA Insurance Agency or any of their products.  This is provided for informational purposes only.  


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