Academic Outcomes and Assesssment

Central Oregon Community College is committed to promoting and fostering a "culture of assessment." The assessment process is intended to guide and formalize decision making about program and degree needs and how courses meet those needs, while recognizing that our primary focus is on improving student learning and retention. The College is also committed to developing a "ground-up" approach to the assessment process in which demonstrations of student learning occur naturally within the classroom and each faculty member is invested in the process. Our goals are to use the assessment process to assess how well students are meeting course, program, and degree expectations and make improvements and develop programs on the basis of assessment findings.

  • General Education Outcomes
  • General Education Outcomes Data Exchange (GEODE)
  • Program Outcomes
  • Course Outcomes
  • Community Learning Annual Scorecard
  • ABS: Title II Strategic Framework
  • ABS: Oregon Indicators of Program Quality 

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