Attendance Requirement

Students with InstructorStudents must attend all class/lab meetings during the first week of the term. If a student does not attend, the instructor will administratively withdraw the student; however, to guarantee withdrawal and avoid tuition charges, the student should submit a "drop form" to the Enrollment Services Office at any COCC campus by the appropriate deadline.

If your instructor administratively withdraws you from class due to non-attendance, you will receive an email from Enrollment Services during the second week of the term. If you wish to re-register for the class, you must have permission (either a signature or electronic approval) from the instructor.

Students who are unable to attend class/lab during the first week of the term, must contact the instructor BEFORE the first class/lab session.

The Administrative Withdrawal policy does not relieve students from full responsibility for officially dropping a course within the given deadline to not incur tuition charges and to not receive a grade for the course.