Adding and Dropping Classes

Adding Classes
Students may register for classes or add themselves to an open class (has available seats) up to 7:00 am on the morning of the first class session without an instructor's approval, unless an instructor's approval is required. Students may register for classes or add themselves to the wait list up to the Friday before the term begins without an instructor's approval, unless an instructor's approval is required. After the start of the first class session, students must have an instructor's approval via a signature or online approval in order to add the class.

Students adding classes after the second week of the term will be charged a $30 late registration fee; if after final grade roster have been printed, $50.

Note: Students can change to/from audit status through the seventh week of the term (short-term classes have different deadlines; see the Academic Calendar for specific dates) and must be done in person.

Dropping Classes
Not attending classes does not constitute a drop!! Students are responsible for dropping classes by the appropriate deadlines in order to avoid tuition/fee charges and not receive a grade.

To drop a class, complete the drop section on a registration form and submit it in person to the Enrollment Services Office any COCC campus or call (541) 383-7500 by the deadlines listed below. Note that for full term classes, students may drop online only during the first two weeks of the term. Drop forms may not be mailed, faxed or left with the instructor.

Drop and Refund Deadlines 

Short-term Courses
Courses with only one, two or three class meetings:
Students must submit drop form at least seven (7) days before the class begins to receive a refund. No grade will appear on the student's transcript.

Courses that have four or more classes meetings but do not span the full term:
Students must submit drop forms prior to the beginning of the second class to receive a refund. Some specially priced classes do not follow this policy. No grade will appear on the student's transcript.

Full term Courses

Drop form submitted by: Results in:
Second Friday of term 

- Summer term: July 3, 2014, 5pm
- Fall term: October 10, 2014, 5pm
- Winter term: January 16, 2015, 5pm
- Spring term: April 10, 2015, 5pm

End of refund period
No grade on transcript

Seventh Friday of term
- Summer term: August 8, 2014, 1pm
- Fall term: November 14, 2014, 5pm
- Winter term: February 20, 2015, 5pm
- Spring term: May 15, 2015, 5pm

No refund
No grade on transcript
Wednesday before finals week.
If instructor signature is required, the signature can be obtained on the drop section of the registration form OR the instructor can put approval online for the student.  If instructor approval is online, the student still MUST follow up with the Admissions and Records office at any of our four campuses either in person or via phone prior to the published deadline.  An instructor cannot actually drop a student from class.
- Summer term: August 20, 2014, 6pm (Summer term does not have a finals week)

- Fall term: December 3, 2014, 6pm
- Winter term: March 11, 2015, 6pm
- Spring term: June 3, 2015, 6pm

No refund
"W" (withdrawal) grade on transcript

If eligible for a refund, the refund is processed within three weeks. Students may choose their refund method using eRefund. Any debt owed to COCC will processed against a refund first, and then the net balance will be remitted to the student.

Note: Refunds are calculated on a per course basis. For example, if a student drops and adds an equal number of credit courses after the refund period, full tuition and fees will be charged for the new class and will not be refunded for the dropped class.

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