Core Themes

COCC's core themes are:Transfer and Articulation, Workforce Development, Basic Skills and Lifelong Learning.

Transfer and Articulation

Students will have the academic achievement and skills necessary to transfer and articulate successfully to institutions of higher learning beyond the community college level.


  1. Maximize support services, from entrance to transfer, to promote access and success for students intending to transfer.
  2. Maintain and strengthen student opportunities to make progress toward degree completion and/or transfer.
  3. Provide students a high-quality general education.

Workforce Development

Students will be prepared for employment through the acquisition of knowledge and discipline-specific, employment skills necessary to meet current industry needs.


  1. Maximize support services, from entrance to completion, to promote successful completion of CTE programs.
  2. Deliver CTE curricula that meets current industry standards.
  3. Maintain and strengthen student opportunities in CTE programs for students to achieve program completion and employment in their area of study.
  4. Cultivate current and future industry partnerships and assist industry partners in regional economic development and job creation.

Basic Skills

Students will have academic achievements and basic learning skills necessary to participate effectively as engaged community and family members, and employees, and to succeed at the college level.


  1. Students who complete English Language Learner (ELL) courses will have the skills to succeed in Adult Basic Education (ABE) and Adult Secondary Education (ASE) courses.
  2. Students who complete ASE level courses will have the skills necessary to obtain the GED.
  3. Students who complete ASE level courses will have the skills to succeed in credit writing and math courses.
  4. Students who successfully complete developmental writing and/or math courses will succeed in higher-level credit writing and math courses appropriate to their certificate or degree programs.

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning provides accessible, noncredit learning opportunities to our community in the areas of Enrichment, Professional Development, Technology and Wellness.


  1. Broaden lifelong learning opportunities based on assessed campus, community, and industry needs. 
  2. Increase overall, lifelong learning participation.
  3. Increase accessibility, instructional delivery, and registration options in Continuing Education.
  4. Support lifelong learning for College employees by designing and advancing educational opportunities.


*Core Theme graphics were designed and created by COCC student, Michele Estes as part of a logo development project in Basic Design: 2-D (ART115/ELLIS).

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