Core Themes

COCC's core themes are:Transfer and Articulation, Workforce Development, Basic Skills and Lifelong Learning.

Transfer and Articulation

Courses and programs paralleling the freshman and sophomore courses of colleges and universities for those who seek to transfer and then earn a baccalaureate degree. 

Workforce Development

Career and Technical Education (CTE)
One- and two-year professional training programs for those who seek certificates or degrees that lead to employment in business, industry, the trades or government service as technicians or skilled workers.

Business, Professional and Employee Development 
Noncredit business classes, resources, workshops and information to help individuals and businesses succeed.

Basic Skills

Several academic departments and the College's Adult Basic Skills program offer courses that prepare students for collegelevel classes that will count toward degree completion and are transferable to other institutions. These classes are frequently available online or in classrooms on the Bend and Redmond campuses or other sites throughout Central Oregon.

Lifelong Learning

Noncredit learning opportunities at times and places convenient to adult students, using traditional and nontraditional instructional techniques. Course topics range from computers to cooking and language instruction to gardening and other outdoor activities.


*Core Theme graphics were designed and created by COCC student, Michele Estes as part of a logo development project in Basic Design: 2-D (ART115/ELLIS).

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