• 4th Week Enrollment Reports

  • 4th Week Enrollment Reports are available for fall, winter and spring terms back to fall 1989. The reports were made available online beginning in 2003-04. 

  • Summer 2014 4th WEEK REPORT (Full Report)  

    Below is a Table of Contents from the latest enrollment report.  All reports can be found in the link above.


    CHART A: 4th Week FTE since 2001

    CHART B: 4th Week Unduplicated Headcount since 2001 

    REPORT 1: Summary of Enrollment by FTE and Headcount
    A: Enrollment by FTE
    B: Accumulative Academic Year FTE
    C: Enrollment by Headcount

    REPORT 2: Credit Headcount by Registration Status 

    REPORT 3: Credit Headcount by Degree Objective 

    REPORT 4: Unduplicated Credit Headcount by Residency Status 

    REPORT 5: Credit Student Retention & Successful Course Completion
    A: Term to Term Retention
    B: Successful Course Completion - REPORTED END OF TERM


  • Past 4th Week Enrollment Reports can be found here: 

    Archived 4th Week Enrollment Reports


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